Using the FluvalSmart App from your mobile device, Aquasky LEDs allow you to control the light output of red, green, blue and bright white LEDs for infinite color …


38 thoughts on “Fluval Aquasky 2.0 Bluetooth LED”

  1. I really, really wanted the 2.0, but I wish that I could still get an Aquasky 1.0 instead since I don't have a reliable wi-fi connection needed for the 2.0.
    I understand the app integration, but backwards compatibility with the original remote would have been nice for people without (reliable) internet and for people who end up losing access to their phones. Now I have to get a non-Fluval brand light instead.

  2. This is a decent light totally destroyed by the worst app going. The issue being horrendous connectivity issues with the Bluetooth. I find it difficult to understand that Fluval would be associated with something this bad. However I only have myself to blame, had I read all the reviews I would have spotted this was a very common issue and I would have purchased another make. Oh well, time to right it off, learn from my mistake and purchase from another supplier.

  3. Hate it.

    The point of keeping fish in glass boxes is for viewing purposes.

    This light is bright but doesn't help reveal the fish color like my old purple florescent bulbs do.

    If you like a bright pink green or yellow fish tank drowning out the fish, this light is for you.

    Lighting feature just scared the crap outa my fish which will cause stress, which followed by death.

    Not worth $140.

    Go on amazon for a $50 light that will be the same.

  4. Can anyone help me I have a saltwater tank FOWLR and I have this lighting. Originally tank was freshwater. What percentage should each color lighting be? I don't want algae growing out of control bwcause lighting is not correct. Bit I am not sure what I should have each color set at pecentage wise. Thanks

  5. Installed mine today, Bluetooth plays up at times but it works and it does look really good. Tank looks alot clearer. I've uploaded some clips on my YouTube showing how it looks and the storm effect as well.

  6. Добрый день.Хватит ли света этого светильника HAGEN FLUVAL AQUASKY BLUETOOTH LED 2.0 21 ВТ 75-105 СМ для аквариума 100*50*50см ??И если в Украине Ваши официальные дистрибьютеры?

  7. Can this be fitted to the inside of a lid of the tank? I have an aquatropic 120 litre tank, which came with a hood and a standard light, I want to replace the light with something better as it’s a heavily planted tank and I need more light. Will this light be able to be fitted inside the hood? Or can you recommend me a better light that will suit me?

  8. Hi, I'm considering installing aquasky or plant growth units in a couple of large vivariums; probably two units in each.

    The vivariums are 6 foot tall, so I want to assess the benefits of this for plant growth.

    Do you have any technical sheets you could send to me, showing the PAR ratings at various distances you could send me please?

  9. I'm having a really hard time seeing what the Fluval lights actually look like. The box doesn't show it, and I can't seem to find any photos on the website that show what the light actually looks like on a tank, and I can't see it in this video because of the lighting. It's important to me what the light fixture looks like on the tank, as well as it's functionality.

  10. Theres nothing worse in the morning when you need to turn your aquarium light on and you have to look for your phone and open the app then press on. its a pain in the arse. Really bad from fluval they did not even put and on off button on the light unit itself how bad is that.

  11. The Aquasky is just an Amazing Lamp. I use it for my Tropical Vivarium and i love the weather effects. It would be so awesome if we could set up more dynamic weather effects for each day.

    For example:
    Monday: 8.30-8.31 cloudedThunderstorm 10.00-14.00 Cloudy weather 22.00-22.05 night thunderstorm

    And for the next day the possibility to change the time shedule.

    I am matching the weather effects with my rain/misting system so it would be super cool to get more options here 🙂

    im thinking about buying the Plant 3.0. Will this lamp also get weather effects in future time? I need more Lumen and different color settings so im thinking about mixing those two lights.

  12. @Fluval Aquatics I'm planning on getting the Fluval Aquasky 2.0 14550 12W version for my Dennerle Scapers tank 35L (40cm). I sent an email asking questions but i don't think they read it properly all they said was "yes it will fit".
    I asked them would it be considered has High, medium or low light.
    Also the colour temp says 3000K – 25000K what is the colour temp for the 12W version?

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