In this video, we explain the installation of Type S Plug and Glow Interior Lights. If you have any questions or comments, post them below!


25 thoughts on “Type S Plug and Glow Interior Light Kit Installation”

  1. damn type S auto im disappointed I buy the 2 LED strip starter kit for 50 dollars just for rainbow music mode assuming there would be a rainbow color option on top of the solid color that you can pick from the color wheel but nope the only way you get rainbow is the prism mode, while I know the dirt cheap ones on amazon will do exactly that and actually come with 4 strips for $15 with everything needed included why not have that as an option I know they're capable of it like shit it said have 8 presets favorited why bother if you wanna change the color and modes swapping favorites is as easy as just picking a new one on the app. I thought it was like a razer multi color mouse or keyboard where you pick what colors you want to be on the rotation so for example you could have only red blue and purple on a loop, then you pick fade or strobe , not just lame solid colors that cheap ones would do for a third the price and double the LEDs while the device itself is completely capable of doing that, and if the hardware is too limited to be able to pick your own colors to put on a loop its definitely capable of having a rainbow color option at least for the music mode. Its sad because I like these and think they're better than the cheaper ones, but missing out on the one thing I wanted from it is a huge letdown but still good LEDs definitely wouldn't recommend them due to the price and limitation, but definitely better build quality than the cheap ones and I immediately would recommend them and probably buy 2 more strips for my back seat if the TYPE S app made it possible for rainbow music mode, they'd be a steal if you could pick what colors to loop, but until then I get one color music mode or just prism mode

  2. Clearly advertised that the starter kit I just paid 70 odd dollars for is multicoloured I plug it in and follow all the steps in your video to discover mine can only light up blue and have no response to any button I click on the app other than a half a second flicker

  3. What fuse should I use for the add a fuse. I plan to use a fuse tap for the fuse to the cigarette lighter since it only works if the ignition is at least in accessory mode. My factory cigarette lighter fuse is a 20 amp fuse.

  4. This product seems of good quality at first, however halfway through my installation two light strips went faulty and now one only projects an off red colour and the other only flickers at best when bumped.. 🥴👎🏼👎🏼

  5. When using the 12 volt plug do you have to press the on/off button to turn them on and off or can they turn and off with the car? Or do you have to wire them up directly to have them come on and off automatically with the car?

  6. If you guys do an app update, it'd be great to offer a sensitivity function for the music setting. I have a big system and if I turn it up, the lights pretty much flicker but stay on. The hub is mounted behind my dash so basically as far away from the speakers as possible. If theres already some tips people have figured out for this issue, I'm all ears. Thx.

  7. I have 2 underbody strips that turn on but go back off minutes after. If i come back to my car and click on it in the app the pop back on again? The hub also blinks really fast. What could i be missing?

  8. i needed 3 leds in one spot, and three in the other, so i figured i would cut the strip on the line that says cut and solder some wires in beetween……….turns out theirs nowhere to solder once they are cut, whats the point of the cut line if cutting them just ruins the strip?

  9. How do I test my add a fuse cable connector? The lights turn on when I connect the hardwire to a batteries positive/negative. But when I wire it to ground and the add a fuse the LEDS don’t work. Seems like they aren’t getting power.

  10. These things suck, they don't stick to anything and on top of that" they tell you to cut them in half but then when you do, you can't even get the two ends of the lights that you cut to connect to anything. It's a poor set up. What I'm saying is" the assembling process suck, the pieces that come with the kit are not all compatible to be put together as they say it's meant to be."

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