This is going to be a slightly longer video than normal as I will not only be unboxing the LS100 starter kit but also installing and reviewing the product. This is …


20 thoughts on “Corsair iCue LS100 Smart Lighting Kit – Unboxing & Review”

  1. Nice video!
    Question, does the ls100 work as a screengrabber for fullscreen content or does it just grab whatever is on the screen?
    For example, if I'm browsing the web or just if showing my wallpaper/desktop.

  2. Nice video and looks great. I just ordered mine to go along with my setup. I think it would look better on the corners if the monitor wasn't so close to the wall. But still that stranger things shot looked great. Been looking for something for media watching that would do this, and the fact that this will work with games as well is just great. New Sub here, thanks for the good info.

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