This is the Legrand Radiant Smart Lighting. Find out more here // Visit Legrand on social media: Facebook: …


12 thoughts on “Luxury Smart lighting // Legrand Radiant Smart Lighting”

  1. Great video man! One thing I hate about all these new smart light switches is that they come prewired…..adding more wire to already crowded switch box! I wish they came with the screw terminal connections or stab-in connections like traditional switches. I wonder if it's because the switch box itself is bigger that they can't do this?

  2. Great video I would mention the downsides of not having a hub for your smart stuff. I have so many smart switches that it overlords my router (nighthawk 8000) if you have a hub that eliminates this problem!

  3. Hey Kevin what ceiling fans would you recommend that would be Google home compliant. I used to wheelchair for mobility and I'm looking for something that would make it easier for me

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