Lutron Caseta: Leviton Smart Dimmer: In this video we compare two of the most popular smart light switches …


18 thoughts on “Lutron vs Leviton : Smart Switches”

  1. I chose Lutron and have been very happy with it. Zero problems. It did take a minute to get used to the dimmers. Lutron requires the hub to make the switches smart but will work without the hub. I have a somewhat large house and don't have any dead spots requiring a repeater. Some lights work better with the dimmers than others but it is my understanding that Lutron has fewer compatibility issues than others and haven't found lights that the Lutron dimmer doesn't work with. The light switch and fan switch DO require a neutral while the dimmer switch doesn't. If you have shallow older gang boxes, Lutron might present a problem; my house was built in 1999 and that hasn't been an issue for me. The pico remotes used for multi-way switches frees up room in the gang box. Something not a lot of people note in these videos is that getting them aligned correctly is more difficult than a normal light switch and it all depends on the finish around the gang box … had to do some work to get them all lined up consistently using spacers and in some cases extension boxes if the gang box was crooked or somewhat inset from the dry wall. Not nearly as noticeable with an old school light switch. Also had to sand off old paint drops or poorly cut drywall in a few cases … why people get sloppy around the switches and outlets and sometimes don't remove unscrew the outlets/switches and get them away from the wall … or even the faceplates at a minimum …. before painting, I'll never know.

  2. Thank you for the video. I chose Lutron for a couple reasons. (1) I didn't like adding anything else to my WiFi network. My WiFi network is robust but I just didn't want a few dozen more devices registered to it. (2) I watched lots of other videos and read lots of articles and nearly all said Lutron was rock solid. Hassle-free operation was a primary goal. The extra cost of the hub isn't substantial. Dinner for two and a couple cocktails cost more than the Lutron hub.

    Most Lutron Caseta reviewers mention the Lutron Hub device limit. I counted every circuit in my 3,500 sq.ft. home and barely exceeded the device limit. I'll never go that far with lighting automation, and who would want 75 (or more) lighting devices added to their WiFi network?

    I've implemented 10 circuits over the past year and am completely satisfied with my decision to go with Lutron. I'm using voice control by Google Home. I have it integrated with Hubitat. The Wife Acceptance Factor here has been very high. In fact, she's now telling me we need to take this lighting automation project further.

  3. Incorrect information, Lutron switch don’t require a hub you can control the switch with a pico remote , the hub is required just to control the switch by phone . So the information here is incorrect

  4. Many home wifi access points have a limit of 26 or 32 devices at the same time. So if the leviton stays connected at all times that would be a problem for doing a whole house and less than half what you can use for the lutron. I do prefer the hub since it keeps the signal separate and more reliable. I have both hub and hubless smart devices. And the hubless are easy and quick I have to say that adding more devices to the hub systems are quicker and just seem to work better. Lutron is the quickest and most reliable I have tried. I agree I wish they have more options for switches and wish they had a toggle that you didn't know was a smart switch. But I don't think it is ugly and would take functionality over aesthetics all day long when it comes to products like this. Ok, within limits. Can't be ugly. Haha

  5. I know there is mixed opinions, but for me personally I have found having a hub is much more reliable, I have no connection issues or any other issues. I have never had a wifi product that wasn't a problem. They also take bandwith that doesn't need to be taken.

  6. I thought about going with Caseta, since it seems to be the most popular smart switch on the market, but that button interface is so weird, clunky, and to be honest, ugly. Plus that you must buy their hub is super annoying.

  7. Good video. Thank you. I like the Lutron switches better personally, however, I’ve come across SOME info on the Leviton switches and I didn’t know they’re WiFi switches. I thought that they had some sort of bridge as well, but broadcasts were done over PowerLine as opposed to Lutron’s ClearConnect RF communication?

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