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39 thoughts on “Are IKEA Smart Bulbs and Lights Worth It? (Alexa and HomeKit)”

  1. Ikea is an awful awful company. I just bought a bent filing cabinet from them, they were going to replace it but never turned up so I phoned up and got some attitude from some little brat on the phone who sounded like he hated his job.

  2. Wtf your english and your wording for items like ethernet etc was annoying … Also to add you couldn't connect it because you have to flick the light off and on 5 times to reset it (blinks) then turn it on when your ready to connect.

  3. Hi from Manchester Alex! Really enjoyed watching your excellent (and very entertaining 😂) review of the IKEA Trådfri smart bulb system, we have them all around our house. In return for your excellent video I would like to help you pronounce "Trådfri" (which is wireless in Swedish…), It is pronounced Trodfri (the "i" sounds like it would in mini), the usual mistaken pronunciation of Trådfri (Trodfri) is Tradfry which cracks me up! As someone with a Norwegian dad and who has an uncle who lives in Stockholm here is how to pronounce IKEA, i-key-a not eye-key-a (I have 2 Swedish cousins who work for IKEA…). Thanks again for your excellent review Alex. Cheers, Thorvald (pronounced Tourval) 👍☺🌈

  4. DO NOT BUY THESE! after watching this video I went out and spent quite a bit of money for lights in every room of my house. I couldn't even get the dimmer to sync to the gateway at first, the app is terrible to use. It kept saying no devices found but then if I force close the app the dimmer would magically appear. I'd then stand atop a pair of ladders near a 1000Lm bulb holding the damn button down for 10 seconds and the light would dim a bit but alas, still the app cant find the bulb – it couldn't find any of the 7 bulbs I'd purchased – despite that the dimmer could actually control the bulbs after the lights flickered. after 3 days I gave up and called ikea and they actually told me they're aware of issues such as this and the product is still in its early days and we should expect them – should we? because when i bought Phillips hue it worked on day one. it's an absolute joke!!

  5. So how do Smart Bulbs work. Can you turn them off like a regular bulb or do you HAVE to keep the switch on "on" and control it through the app/alex/…? And if you have to keep the switch "on" then does it use power as long as the bulb is switched OFF via app or does it only use power when lightswitch AND app say "on"? ..

  6. Hey guys definitely worth it !
    Basically works perfect
    Notes 1- the ikea app works only when logged through local network no 4g

    To control everything with 4G is through google home as it integrates seamlessly

    I’m happy 🙂

  7. Can you use both an Ikea Tradfri motion sensor and an Ikea Tradfri switch to control one Tradfri bulb? (pair both to one bulb) So it will come on when sensing motion but also be switched on with the switch?

  8. First time I heard about these so called smartlights I was pretty skeptical to ve honest. A collegue of mine showed me how he was able to turn on and off any light in his home all the way from the office. He said he had gradually switched over all his bulbs to smartbulbs within a few weeks. I only got 1 to begin with but ordered another 5 the day after I got it. Especially since he showed me how to get 5 for free if I buy 5. If anyone is interested just drop a comment and I'll hook you up too! I'm seriously addicted to this stuff lol

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