This is a full review of the all new Digital Lights installed on the new Mercedes S Class S580e 2021. The revolutionary headlamp technology DIGITAL LIGHT …


35 thoughts on “All New 2021 Mercedes S Class – Digital Light (explained)”

  1. Is this really going to reduce accidents?! I really dont think so lmao. What about loud screams in your car followed by splash of cold water on your private area if your eyeballs are looking at your phone. This would reduce accidents by at least 89%.

  2. Yea this isn’t for the broke, you don’t buy a car worth 150$k because you have 150k in your bank account, the rich don’t care if the car doesn’t last 10 years, this isn’t for the middle class either the middle class are not rich.

  3. I like the width visualisation. That would be helpful for people who don’t know the size of their car and have to come over into your side of the road.

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