Installing smart LED lights outside is a great way to brighten up your patio. We review 3 different options for outdoor smart lights. Two of these work with Z-Wave …


28 thoughts on “3 Easy Outdoor Smart Light Ideas”

  1. Got 2 sets. 1 broke after 1 night of rain. The last 4 bulbs stopped working and 1 stays on unless I unplug. But they r dope and bright as hell. Had to return one. Will update as things go

  2. Lol what part of Arizona do you live in? We’re moving there soon and as an avid smart home enthusiast I’d be interested in networking. Plus I’m curious about the scorpion situation there lol

  3. Hey Reed, not a fan of the way you have the power-brick. But I wouldn’t call it trashy. Shame they didn’t think about the power-brick when designing.

    On that note, and not that you want to switch out your perfectly good lamp, I saw one at Home Depot that has a outlet built in, which would get you power closer.

  4. It's a shame those outdoor lights are Bluetooth… I guess I only turn my lights on manually out back as it is, but if it's connected to mains why not just go WiFi Govee? I don't think there's a Zigbee standard for individually controllable LEDs so Zigbee wouldn't work. Nice little video, hopefully AZ will be a nice break from the cold in NJ, headed there in February.

  5. That power brick is ridiculous, but it looks fine where you put it … but in the future, you may wish to have a higher outlet installed, with maybe a box shelf / ledge on top of it … to help support/hide the box.

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