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41 thoughts on “Philips Hue is a RIPOFF”

  1. I gotta say though I’ve tried different hub-less smart bulbs before, but Philips Hue bulbs with the hub work perfect EVERY TIME. I haven’t had to re-pair or cycle the lights on them once since initial set up. Sometimes that’s a premium people want to pay for

  2. I have both. 1 year using yeelight and purchased first Hue.. Its different okay…! Yeelight lowest brihtness cant compare with phillips hue. And the color.. Yeelight its not really 16mil color, just test it..

  3. My Philips hue allows me to turn on my two-bedroom lights at the same time, my two living room lights, or singularly, So depending on your setup within the app, you can turn on multiple lights all at the same time or just one light depending on your needs. I don't think that the statement was correct in the video.

  4. What is the purpose of these products? The only purpose I can see would be to automatically vary the color temperature based on time of day (6500 K at noon, 2700 K or even lower at midnight). But can they do that? If not, it's just… lol I can make the lightz pyrple?

  5. I got 60 watt replacement phillips hue for 12 dollars us each and 100 for 24 dollars. They are awesome. I think worth the money. I don't know why they are so much cheaper now than when he did his review.

  6. Why not use smart switches instead? can control fixtures with multiple lights with one switch, and shutting off the power on the switch doesn't break the functionality like it does for bulbs as the switch itself is the smart device.

  7. I've been buying hue bulbs since they came out, all still work. You have the confidence of buying a brand that is been around for a long time and is reliable with good customer service. Every Philips product I have ever bought still works including a 21 year old DVD player I bought and hand-me-down VCR my parent bought when I was a little kid. Philips cost more because it is an established company with a good reputation. LIFX and YEELIGHT, not so much.

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