Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting -FULL REVIEW- & Fan Control with App Comparison

Full Review of Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer System: – What is the Lutron Caseta Lighting System? – Pros and Cons vs. Other Smart Lighting – Comparison …


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  1. Great info. One thing I didn't catch. I saw how you can schedule devices to turn on but how long do they stay on? For instance a light comes on daily at 7 PM. How do you get it to turn off at bedtime for instance?

  2. Very Informative video, thank you..
    That problem with the dim light in the bathroom is caused by something called leakage current that comes from the electronics in your dimmer switch. There is not enough current to turn on an incandescent bulb but there is enough current to turn on a very efficient LED bulb. Your suggested workaround is perfectly fine.

  3. I really like the Lutron Caseta Switches I have installed at my house. I even the fan switches on three of my 5 ceiling fans. I will be working on the other 2 ceiling fans very shortly. The only issue I am having is when I am not at home, all of my Lutron devices show "No Response" in the Home App on my iPhone. All of my other smart home devices (WIFI and Bluetooth) show up correctly and I can control them while away. I just wish I could get this to work so I can check on my lights and fans when I am away from home. I am using an Apple TV 4K as my HomeKit Hub and it is always on. I have checked around and looked at troubleshooting guides and have not been able to find anything that will help me fix this issue. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

  4. Whatever bulbs you put in on a multiple bulb fixture is that the total of the LED bulb wattage must exceed 12W. Once the 12W threshold has been reached, you’ll defeat the wattage bleed through.

  5. Excellent video, very informative and well produced, I subscribed today. I have been researching "smart lighting" solutions for my situation but I had not considered a smart switch until I watched your video. Now I am thinking that the Caseta will meet most of my needs which are quite simple and specific–I want to be able to control recessed downlights in TV room but not have to rely on a wifi connection. I don't need color changing, voice control, remote access, etc. so the home hub systems are overkill. Ideally I would like to be able to control each individual fixture which is why I was looking an smart bulbs. There are not many options that do not rely on an internet connection. I did find a Halo Home light system that uses Bluetooth and it seems perfect in every way but the reviews for the product and app are horrible and I am not sure I want to commit to it. The Caseta should meet most of my needs, especially if I run the lights on a couple of different circuits. I won't be able to control individual fixtures, but could set up a couple zones instead which would require a bit more planning, but ultimately would be OK.
    I have a few questions that you might be able to answer. Your video shows that the low light dimming control is pretty limited on the low end. Is this the case just when using the Pico remote? Do you get better results setting levels through the app? I think I read that the lights always turn on at full power regardless of the last setting used. Can you confirm this? Is there a "favorites" setting or button that might be a workaround? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Jeff

  6. There was some good info here, but it sure did feel like I spent 15 of the 22 minutes learning about the problems you created by using incompatible bulbs…

  7. I have lutron caseta with compatible recessed lights and my range of dimming capacity seems to have way more range than yours. No flickering and perfect control. My suggestion to anyone is to not cheap out and invest in both lutron caseta and compatible bulbs. Great video. Thanks

  8. Great video and overall argument for smart switches vs smart bulbs.

    The explanation of getting the little things out of the way is a fantastic one. I’ve always just told people I’m lazy and creative, but I like your reason better.

    Subbed. I’ve watched a LOT of videos of people reviewing the Caseta switches, dimmers, and pi is, but none were as detailed as yours. Thank you. Please do more HomeKit device reviews.

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